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Wheelchair Lifts: Every Two-Story Building Needs One

Home Elevators: Necessity Not Luxury

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures equal opportunity for persons in America with disabilities. One of the most fundamental places to look when assessing any business in regards to people with disabilities is stairs. If there is any space in the building that is only accessible by stairs, it is a wise plan to build in a wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair lifts can be built with various specifications. First, this type of elevator can be added onto a building inside or outside. They can also be outfitted with gates or doors. These doors can even be fitted to match the design of the building. Everything down to the finish colors can be customized. Whether the building owner opts for the fully enclosed freestanding model or the shaftway model, they can make sure it is anything but an eyesore.

Though a wheelchair lift can be an amazing addition to a business, it is also a good idea in-home as well. If there isn’t space for a home elevator, a wheelchair lift can be the perfect problem solver. They can be installed in a straight line or on a curve to move right along staircases of any kind and fit seamlessly into the architectural design.

Whether it is going to be built in a home or a business, a wheelchair lift should be built by a sound elevator technician.

What’s worse than not having wheelchair access to the second story? Having a faulty wheelchair lift, that’s what is worse. A wheelchair lift should only be built to meet the rigid standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. When picking an elevator company it is also wise to find one that values customer care. If there is ever an issue or need for repair, it is nice to know that the elevator installation company will come through for us.