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Benefits of Installing A Stairlift

Benefits of Installing A Stairlift

Everyone reaches an age where climbing up and down stairs begins to get too hard to keep up. One option when this happens is to move the bedroom and bathroom downstairs and live in only half of the house. Some elderly people are forced to leave their homes to move into something that is only one story, abandoning their memories and life that was built there. These don’t have to be the only options, seniors can keep living in their homes and access the upstairs level. The key is to install a safe, reliable and handy stairlift along the wall of the stairs.

Stairlifts give those who are having issues with navigating the stairs freedom and independence that they are missing. Most people express that they should have installed their lift sooner after using it for just one day. These handy elevators allow a homeowner avoid having to keep to the floor level of the house. Stairlifts also ensure that the senior is able to save their energy during the day by taking stairs out of the equation. Modern stairlifts have loads of customizable options that make them both easy and safe to use. Going through a reliable company for stairlift installation ensures that you are getting the best deal and all of the best options for your individual needs.

In the Tri-State area Next Level Elevators is the go-to service company for stairlift installation, repair and maintenance. Their technicians can ensure that all of the proper amenities are added to the stairlift to fit the future operators needs. Lifts can be installed on both straight and curved walls along with swivel seats for the rider’s convenience. The almost silently operating machine can be called either to the top or bottom of the stairs. For easy and accessible storage enjoy a foldable seat, arms and footrest. Use the simple controls to move up and down the stairs seamlessly without worry about obstacles due to the safety sensors that prevent collision.

Their goal is to build a personal relationships with their clients in order to fully assess the client’s needs and provide excellent service. The showroom at Next Level Elevators is available for viewing through appointment and shows a wonderful sample of what is possible when working with their team. Installing a stairlift can be the best idea to keep seniors safe in their two story homes, but only if installed by a trustworthy company. Next Level Elevators is that company. Make an appointment or call for a free estimate at (718)874-3076.