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LULA Elevators

Architects and builders are flocking to install limited use, limited application elevators in their low rise buildings. These elevators are often referred to as LULA elevators and they are the easiest way to make a building handicap accessible. LULA elevators are a hybrid between a full sized elevator and a wheelchair lift that both looks and rides as if it were other elevator. A limited use, limited application elevator can be built with up to a 25 foot vertical with a travel speed of 30 feet per minute. The elevator cab can measure up to 18 square feet of floor space to fit an ample amount of passengers. These elevator hybrids can be installed during or after construction of the building and they have several benefits throughout the entire lifespan of the LULA elevator. Both the equipment and installation are substantially less expensive than installing a standard commercial elevator in a building. Not only are installation and the parts cheaper, but maintenance on a LULA elevator is far more frugal than a standard elevator. Commercial elevator systems require maintenance every month to run efficiently, a LULA elevator only needs maintenance every 6 months, saving the building owner a nice chunk of change. The last difference between limited use, limited application elevators and standard commercial elevator installation is that LULA elevators can be made from wood or sheetrock instead of heavy, expensive concrete like conventional elevators.

Although LULA elevators take less maintenance, it is still Glenmore-Lula-169x300a good idea to keep a good team of elevator technicians on hand for regular six month check ups. For any LULA elevator owner in New York and specifically Manhattan, Next Level Elevator Services is the perfect company to install, repair or maintain a LULA elevator. Next Level have been providing every aspect of elevator services to Manhattan, New York City and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. The proud locally owned and operated company specializes in installation, maintenance and repair with almost every type of elevator that can be installed in a large building or small family home. Their dedication to high-quality service is what really shines, Next Level Elevator will give an absolutely free quote to any interested elevator owner who calls or stops by their offices. They are fully licensed and insured to serve all elevator needs including repair, installation, preventative maintenance and even modernization on absolutely all types of both residential and commercial elevators. Next Level is the go to elevator service for LULA elevators and beyond when in the Manhattan, New York City and surrounding areas.