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Fast & Reliable Elevator Service in New York City

Next Level Elevator service operates out of New York City and serves the entire tri-state area with their detailed elevator services in the fastest response time. Their valuable, well trained technicians can install, service or build every single type of elevator in commercial buildings, apartment buildings and even in private homes. They are competent with the installation, repair and upkeep of elevators, wheelchair lifts, home elevators, materials lifts, dumbwaiters and stairlifts. The comprehensive attention to detail at Next Level is what lets them spread their expertise across a variety of types of elevators without compromising the value of their service. Next Level is the perfect elevator service company for anyone in the tri-state area that is interested in more information about an in home stair lift.

The elevator service technicians from Next Level can install stair lifts inside or outdoors to make any upstairs space available to everyone in the household. They actually carry both brand new and refurbished lift units for installation. Stairlift models have foldable arms, handy leg rests and comfortable seats to help the walking impaired conquer the stairs in their house whenever they may feel like it without any help. It doesn’t matter what the structure of the stairs is, Next Level elevator technicians can install lifts on both curved and straight walls with swivel chairs for added comfort and ease with any stairs structure. Whoever uses the chair simply needs to press the button on their remote to call the chair, strap into the safety belt and take off after pushing the button on the remote again to send the lift; they are simple to use. Safety sensors help to ensure that there aren’t collisions or accidents with the stairlift, combine that with the silent operation and it almost seems silly not to have a stairlift installed.