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Wheelchair Lifts: Every Two-Story Building Needs One

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures equal opportunity for persons in America with disabilities. One of the most fundamental places to look when assessing any business in regards to people with disabilities is stairs. If there is any space in the building that is only accessible by stairs, it is a wise plan to … Continue reading Wheelchair Lifts: Every Two-Story Building Needs One

Manhattan Elevator History

If the elevator had never been invented, it is safe to say that the New York Skyline would look astronomically different. What most people don’t realize is that the elevator changed more than just the way that the city looked. Before the invention of the elevator the highest building was only 6 stories simply because … Continue reading Manhattan Elevator History

How To Pick the Right Home Elevator

There are many types of lifts and elevators that can help people and cargo travel between different floors of the house. This will create a safer and more relaxing existence in the home despite the reason that an elevator is needed. When constructing a building, it’s important to pick the right type of elevator during … Continue reading How To Pick the Right Home Elevator

Benefits of Installing A Stairlift

Everyone reaches an age where climbing up and down stairs begins to get too hard to keep up. One option when this happens is to move the bedroom and bathroom downstairs and live in only half of the house. Some elderly people are forced to leave their homes to move into something that is only … Continue reading Benefits of Installing A Stairlift

Home Elevators: Necessity Not Luxury

As home building trends continue to capitalize on sky space over laterally expansive land space, a home elevator almost seems necessary. It’s true, not a lot of modern homes are built with an elevator already installed. That is probably why people assume that elevators in the home are only for the immensely wealthy, but that … Continue reading Home Elevators: Necessity Not Luxury

LULA Elevators

Architects and builders are flocking to install limited use, limited application elevators in their low rise buildings. These elevators are often referred to as LULA elevators and they are the easiest way to make a building handicap accessible. LULA elevators are a hybrid between a full sized elevator and a wheelchair lift that both looks … Continue reading LULA Elevators

Fast & Reliable Elevator Service in New York City

Next Level Elevator service operates out of New York City and serves the entire tri-state area with their detailed elevator services in the fastest response time. Their valuable, well trained technicians can install, service or build every single type of elevator in commercial buildings, apartment buildings and even in private homes. They are competent with … Continue reading Fast & Reliable Elevator Service in New York City